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Limit top speed and aggressive driving, increase vehicle safety and improve fuel economy

FleetMAX Standard or Enterprise

Choose FleetMAX Standard to set your vehicles top speed. Or for enterprise level customers, FleetMAX Enterprise, allows your fleet manager to set the vehicle’s top speed, rate of acceleration, and other options.

  • Top Speed Limit
    set and adjust the vehicles top speed “on-the-fly”.
  • Torque Reduction Percentage
    reduce the amount of torque available to the driver and increase fuel economy.
  • Emergency LEO Top Speed Bypass
    when the emergency lights are on, the FleetMAX speed limiter is bypassed.
  • Stomp Percentage
    reduce the amount of shock to the drivetrain, eliminate jack-rabbit starts and abusive driving.
  • Over-Speed Passing Timer
    safe driving earns passing time above the pre-set speed limiter.
  • Telematic Friendly
    works with ALL Telematics. Will NOT interfere with currently installed GPS or Telematic systems.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    designed to outlast the life of your Fleet vehicles. Rugged and waterproof with plug & play, OE grade connectors.
  • Warranty Friendly
    does not modify your ECU or void your OE Powertrain Warranty.
  • Compact and Waterproof
    IP 67 Rated, small footprint 2″x3″x1″
  • Lower Vehicle Insurance Premiums, Reduce Fuel Costs and Greenhouse Gases Speed reduction lowers costs.
  • How FleetMAX Works
    Plug and Play: It takes less than 20 minutes to connect in-between the pedal and abs sensor. Standard: Adjust the top speed using the single control knob. Enterprise: Adjust the top speed and other options using the LCD Display Handheld. Note: Units can be pre-loaded by the factory at a pre-determined speed.



Increase fuel economy with smooth acceleration, while eliminating unwanted fuel consumption from aggressive driving. Many insurance companies offer reduced insurance premiums for speed governed vehicles.


Easy to scale, simple to install plug and play hardware solution. Pays for itself with lower operating costs (insurance/fuel) and reduced carbon footprint.


Plug & Play, waterproof design with a lifetime warranty. Compatible with OTA vehicle updates and aftermarket telematics & GPS systems


Your fleet manager defines the maximum top speed for your fleet. Reduced speeds increase the safety and fuel economy of your fleet.


Reduce idle time and reduce
greenhouse gases on ICE vehicle.


Vehicles equipped with a top
speed limiting device have a
50% lower crash rate (FMCSA).

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