Increase safety & reduce costs and carbon footprint


Speed Governing

Your fleet manager defines the maximum top speed for your fleet. Reduced speeds increase the safety and fuel economy of your fleet. Many customers also qualify for an insurance premium cost reduction.

Idle Timer

Limit the amount of time that your ICE engines idle.
Reduce fuel usage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Choose: Standard or Enterprise

Both versions of FleetMAX allow the fleet manager to determine the top speed of thier fleet. The Enterprise version offers additional features required by enterprise customers.

Increase Fuel Economy

• Our Idle Timer reduces the amount of time that your ICE vehicle can idle. Idle time reduction lowers fuel costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

• FleetMAX pays for itself by reducing the top speed of your fleet. Lowering the top speed of your fleet will increase: fuel economy, decrease maintenance, and can reduce insurance liability.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing the idle time or governing the top speed of your fleet will increase your fuel economy and decrease your carbon footprint.

Easy to Install

Plug and Play, waterproof, fully scalable design with a limited lifetime warranty

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